What I offer you

The reason why I loved taking photos about people at first place, especially outside, was that I loved seeing the steps how they turned into more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Photography is my passion and it gives me the way I can express my and other people's happiness, confidence and self-love.

I enjoy the moment when the model forgets about the camera and doesn't smile because he or she has to, just because it feels good for him or her. I do not like girls with a lot of make up on them or boys in suits, which are not even their decision to wear.

When the day of the photo shooting comes I would love you to wear your favorite clothes and as much (or less) as make up you fancy wearing every day. Feel free to bring your partner, friends or even your pet into your shooting because I assure you that this happens to be one of your most beautiful moments.

So what I offer you is the very best moments you spend in front of camera and pictures that you will be proud to show to every of your friends.