Sustainable aims photocontest 1st place

26 June 2021

The Sustainable Developmenting Aims Foundation announced a photocontest in 2020, however due to the virus they only had chance in June to organise the award ceremony. In the cateory 'PhotoII' (by agegroups) I was given the first place with the photo called Alcoholic Flower, which you can see by rolling down. The story of the photo is pretty interesting since I didn't even set any of the displayed elements of it. Someone simply believed that the bottle they emptied would look better thrown away and Mother Nature did her best, she managed to grow a flower out of it.

Environmental protection plays a critical role in my life, I do care about protecting our values given by nature. I would like to draw your attention to that plants can live in mess and garbage but it's more aethestic and healthy in a clean environment.

It was to my greatest pleasure that the jury found my photo and its message outstanding. The award ceremony backed by Danube Day was in Esztergom, Hungary, from where not only the juried photographers managed to bring home prizes.