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I am Kovács Dorottya, an amateur photographer, based in Hungary. I have always loved travelling so I decided to digitalize some of them and as the time passed I was more and more demanding about the pictures I made. In 2018 I bought my very first camera kit. In that summer I went to a photo camp to know more about landscapes, nature and macro photos, and at the same time, my favorite subject: city life portraits. I like walking in the city and shoot moments of people living their everyday life. Nowadays I work with a Nikon D5300 model and mostly I use Sigma or Nikkor lens. In Hungary students have to do 50 hours of volunteering therefore, in 2019 I was working for a gallery to photograph exhibitions and different events. It was a huge experience in my life, it gave me a lot to develop in portraiture. I can use this knowledge indeed in the photo competitions I enter to. In the future I would love to get to know more and more people, make portfolios about them, to show how unique and special every human's personality is. And of course I do not want to cut down walking in the cities or travelling.

My achievements

SDG for kids - 1st place - January 2021
Old eyes / I am getting old - 3rd place - November 2020
Horse Nation - 1st place - Oct 2020
The forest is playing music - online exhibited photo - 2020 July
Godollo Film Festival - exhibited photo - June 2020
Adobe Stock - chosen stockphotos - March 2020
Hungary 365 - featured in album, online exhibiton - Jan 2020
Travelling people - exhibited photo - Sept 2019
FKF photo competition - featured in album - Aug 2019
Tatabánya, the happiest city - 2nd place, exhibited photo - July 2019
Gurushots - achieved master level - May 2019


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Adobe Stock: dodorottya